15 Popular Christian Songs About the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus (2023)

Today's popular Christian songs are about faith, healing, comfort and dealing with fear. Lest we think these songs don't say enough about the subject of Jesus' cross and resurrection, let's highlight some of the popular Christian songs that marvel at Christ's sacrifice and victory over death. While we've included some traditional hymns in this 15-song selection, most tracks are from the biggest CCM artists of our time.

"Red Letters" - Crowder

Drawing on imagery from Jonathan Edwards' sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," Crowder's song describes the imminent danger our lives face until we are faced with Christ's payment for our sins. Each of us faces a death sentence that is utterly unstoppable, except for the death of Jesus on that cross.crowdhas compiled many popular Christian songs over the years and Red Letters is helping to cement its place among the best in the business.

"What a beautiful name" - Hillsong Worship

The best worship songs are those that glorify the name of the Lord and celebrate His power and grace. Find all this and more in What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship. The 2016 song depicts the miracle of his name as he marches through history in each of his victories, from the creation of the universe to Jesus' mission and his victory over death. The bridge to "What a Beautiful Name" is a particularly adorable moment that we love.

(Video) Christ Our Hope in Life and Death (Official Lyric Video) - Keith & Kristyn Getty, Matt Papa

"The Old Sturdy Cross" - Various Artists

The first traditional hymn on our list was written by none other than George Bennard. Bennard, a prolific hymn writer and pastor of the early 20th century, made a major contribution with this moving song."The Old Tough Cross"is a country gospel favorite today, having been covered by Alan Jackson and many other famous musicians. Though dark in tone, The Old Rugged Cross is a love letter to the place where Jesus breathed his last before his resurrection.

„Am Kreuz (Love Ran Red)“ – Chris Tomlin

We can always count on one of the biggest names in Christian music for songs about the Cross. "At the Cross (Love Ran Red)" is from the 2014 album, which shares its name with the subtitle of this track. This song tells us that the cross is the source of our salvation. The place where Jesus died gives us life and hope for the future. Of course, Tomlin has a few other popular Christian songs about the cross, namely "The Wonderful Cross". This particular track appeared on Tomlin's first album in 2001.

"Lead Me to the Cross" - Hillsong UNITED

Sharing the core belief of Tomlin's At the Cross (Love Ran Red).Hillsong unithere it states that everything else but the cross can perish. We are often caught up in our daily distractions (some of which may even be "Christian" in nature), but we must always remember the importance of the cross and what happened there. The song also reminds us that his death was essentially a purchase, resulting in us now being his possession. (See 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 for additional references)

"The cross has the last word" - Newsboy

Maybe you prefer the original artist,Cody Carnes, and its version, but anyway this is one of the most popular Christian songs about the cross and resurrection of Jesus. At the time of Jesus' death, the cross was a symbol of death and defeat, but it certainly wasn't the end of his story. We can participate in Jesus' victory over death when we come to faith in Him, thus avoiding the similar punishment that our sin brought upon us. Newsboys have another big hit with "Hallelujah for the Cross", the theme song to a collection of old hymns the band produced in 2014.

(Video) Chris Tomlin - Resurrection Power

"That's amazing grace" - Phil Wickham

Few popular Christian songs today capture the vicarious aspect of the cross as well as "This Is Amazing Grace."Phil Wickham🇧🇷 The song appropriately and triumphantly celebrates our being saved through the sacrifice of a loving God. The lyrics to "This is Amazing Grace" have everything you could want in a song about the cross: defeating evil, gratitude, respect for God's power, joy, and more.

"Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)" - lançando coroas

throwing crownsthere's a wonderful song in "Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)" that tells the story of Jesus (at least in earthly terms). The song begins with the reason for Jesus' coming, that is, the magnitude of humanity's sin. The second verse focuses on the pain of the Cross before the third verse begins with the triumph of His resurrection. Just in case we thought this was the end of the story, the last verse of the song tells us that one day He will return and we will see all His glory. That song is a very personal take on the cross, but the band takes a similar approach on one of their early hits, "Who Am I."

"Jesus Paid for It All" - Various Artists

The oldest entry on our list of popular Christian songs about the cross is a hymn written towards the end of the American Civil War. We must accept that we are completely powerless when it comes to our sin. No work, however good it may be, can remove the spots of leprosy mentioned in the"Jesus paid for it all."In a way that only good old-fashioned hymns can do, this song is a declaration of our human nature and the healing that is prescribed for us.

"In Christ Alone" - Various Artists

Continuing with the anthem category, let's jump to a much newer song written by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty."Only in Christ"To name God as our only hope of salvation. The song is not just about the cross, but we see that Christ is our Savior yesterday, today and forever. His victory was not a one-time event, but an ongoing reign of supremacy that we can count on forever. Nothing will snatch us out of his hands.

(Video) CityAlight - Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me (Live)

"One More Time" - Matt Redman

More than 20 years have passed since then.Matt Redmansfirst album, but their music still speaks to us. On this debut album there was a popular song called "Once Again". The track is a personal reflection on the cross as the singer reflects on all that God has done for him and thanks God for always being there for him. The album, titled "The Friendship and the Fear", actually has a lot to say on the subject, with songs like "The Cross Has Said It All" and "The Way of the Cross" also making it onto the track list.

"Sweetly Broken" - Jeremy Riddle

Although he didn't have the notoriety of Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman, Jeremy Riddle was well respected.worship leaderfor years. Among his best songs is "Sweetly Broken," an intimate study of the cross and its impact on each of us. One of the best lines in the song comes when Riddle says that the cross "showed that God is love and God is just". This riddle reveals why Christ's death was necessary from the beginning and shows us how every attribute of God is perfectly balanced.

"Flawless" - MercyMe - Popular Christian Songs About the Cross

Unlike some other popular Christian songs about the cross, "Flawless" does not spend a lot of time acting out the scene of Christ's death. One of the hottest songs from one of the band's best-selling albums, the track is a breezy respite for those feeling overwhelmed by the process of balancing their good and bad deeds. Instead of letting fear and shame overshadow you, rest in the grace of God that He purchased for you on the cross.

"Through Your Wounds" – Steven Curtis Chapman, Mac Powell, Brian Littrell and Mark Hall

"By His Wounds" is an emotional song that unravels Isaiah 53 and explicitly tells how much Christ suffered to bring us salvation. As if that weren't enough, there are also some of the best singers in Christian music. The texts are beautiful and have been studied by theologians for thousands of years. If you like someone's sincere voiceSteve Curtis Chapmanbehind it you are much more attracted.

(Video) Darlene Zschech - In Jesus' Name | Official Live Video

"Nailed to the Cross" - Rend Collective

We have mentioned how many popular Christian songs about the cross tell us how important that moment was to our salvation. Unfortunately, we often feel ashamed of our actions and forget the eternal nature of our forgiveness. In "Nailed to the Cross"Rend-Collectiveworks with the same theme and rediscovers how powerful Christ's death and resurrection were. If we believe that God is who he says he is, then (1) he knew what he was doing on the cross, (2) he was able to forgive our sins, and (3) his covenants are binding forever. If his sin hits you even though you've already repented and called on Christ, we recommend listening to this track.

let's be real We can't go through ALL the popular Christian songs about the cross. In a way, almost all Christian songs have something to do with Jesus and his sacrifice. However, we think these 15 songs are a good starting point for the subject.

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