30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (2023)

One of my favorite things about New Horizons is how players can decorate their islands however they want.

The cottagecore theme is one such example that is sweeping through the Animal Crossing community.

If you've seen some of these islands, you might want to try this aesthetic (but didn't know how!)

Well I've got you covered here with some seriously awesome cabin designs and even a little idea of ​​how you can recreate some of them for yourself.

30river mushroom

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (1)

When you want to kick back and relax, what better way than to sit on a giant mushroom by the river?

This cute little island gives me all the sensations.

And you can also do this:

Gather your favorite custom rustic driveway designs and spread them out around the area. They don't even have to be placed in a specific order.

Add a few small hedge sections along with some flowers placed throughout the area.

And don't forget the giant mushroom and of course the infamous mush lamps to complete the look.

29Forest Core Circular Path

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (2)

This little cabana area is the perfect addition to spice up your ways!

All you need is your favorite custom path layout, leaving a small circle of grass in the middle.

Put some bushes in the middle with a bouquet of flowers for coloring.

In this area they even added various star fragments to make it even more special.

This is an easy way to add some personality to a corner of your island. Any villager would love to wake up in this part of town.

28Comedor Mushroom

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (3)

I love this little dining room, from its mushroom banks to its scattered piles of leaves.

And it is also very easy to do!

All you need is a small cliff to work on. Add your favorite slope and a custom hardwood floor design.

Then add the ironwood kitchen to match the ambience, although you will need thecutting board do it yourselfin order to create this.

Now simply turn a fireplace so that it is upside down and you have a handy little shelving area!

Finish by adding some trees and plants to complement the space.

27rocky road

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (4)

This main cabana shape is the perfect idea if you have a small space on your island and aren't sure what to do with it.

All you need is a custom layout for some springboards and rocks to form a path.

Add plenty of scattered cedar and broadleaf trees, and you can also plant some flowering shrubs.

Of course, you will need a small wooden sign pointing the residents of the island in the right direction. You can also use prison bars to decorate this area.

Finish off by adding a small seating area in case someone needs to take a well-deserved break from walking through the woods.

26flower hill

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (5)

This beautiful area is a flower lover's dream.

If you want to create your own flower-filled cliffs, here's how!

Start by creating some cliff levels and add waterfalls where it makes sense.

At the top of the cliff, cover this area with all kinds of yellow flowers, although you can use whatever color you like.

Finish by adding lots of wooden items and your favorite seat so you can kick back and watch your creation.

25hidden hangout

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (6)

This cabin themed hideaway is the ultimate area to relax. Invite your friends over for some much-needed conversation in this adorable tucked-away space.

(Video) 【動森更新攻略】最完整改島教學|必勝改島小技巧|超好用我的設計碼&靈感蒐集

You can create this by adding a sloped step leading into a sunken space, then add some custom brick designs for your floor.

To start decorating, you can add a series of wooden furniture and stacks of books.

Surround the area with tons of yellow and white flowers. You can then add some wedding candles to give it that truly homey atmosphere.

I can't help but notice the wedding cake on the table too. The colors match the theme perfectly. And who doesn't like cake?

24bridge through the forest

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (7)

This beautiful design is like something out of a postcard. With its meandering rivers and waterfalls, it would make a great addition to any island.

You can create this masterpiece by terraforming just a few cliffs and adding waterfalls running through them.

Discover all the waterfalls together in a river that flows through your island.

Fill in the rest of the area with a mix of cedar and hardwood trees and place a wooden bridge over the main cliffs connecting the two.

Complete the look by adding some plants and rustic elements. And don't forget to add a bike for spontaneous walks through the woods.

23Rustic Agriculture

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (8)

This agricultural area was made for villagers with a green thumb.

If you want to keep your gardening skills up to date, why not create this fantastic growing area for yourself?

All you need are a few panels that you can customize to look like a barn. You can also add barrels and a fire oven outside.

The living room was set up with several log tables and hay beds, with cute little cutlery. this area isdestinedto be a delight to your villagers.

Maybe even design this around one of your villagers' houses. Has anyone on your island ever wanted a farm?

22Reading area

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (9)

How awesome is this homemade reading area?

You can create your own area like this by adding some wooden furniture to your favorite part of your island.

Add some custom paths to spice up the area, and don't forget to add book stacks too.

Placing some flowers in this area is a must, but be sure to add plenty of barrels to match your island aesthetic.

Of course, you can't forget that every reading area needs a wooden wild duck!

21stone arch

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (10)

This design is super simple to make, but it looks incredibly complex!

It's a good idea to fill small spaces on your island.

You can get this look by placing a stone arch between two of your cliffs. Make sure you have a waterfall tumbling down the cliff to tie the whole look together.

Take care to add some custom stone designs to the lawn to take your design to the next level.

Finish with some shrubbery, log furniture, and piles of leaves, and you've got the perfect waterfall nook.

20private lake

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (11)

Achieve your cabin goals by creating your own dock on the lake right outside your front door.

There's nothing like coming in and joining a morning catch or sitting and reading until the sun goes down.

Add some waterfalls to the side and let them flow directly into the lake that surrounds your home for a cozier atmosphere.

Then, deck out the dock area with some log seating and tables, and don't forget to add a fishing rod so you're always ready to cast a line.

Lastly, make sure you have plenty of trees populating the area as well.

19The Cottagecore Crack

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (12)

Channel your inner cabin with this super cute Nook's Cranny design.

Various aesthetically pleasing custom designs were used on the flooring around the store to make it even more special.

If you are going to try this design yourself, be sure to add plenty of plants around and around the store. Different styles. You can also add some flowering bushes!

(Video) News on my ISLAND, inspiration and future areas🌲🌻🌲 Ōhara (大 原) Ep. 5

Maybe add a barrel and cage to really match the old country theme.

You can also add a nice outdoor seating area. An iron bench or log bench would be perfect to achieve the complete look.

And if you want even more Nook's Cranny ideas, thenconsult our list of suggestions!

18warm lake

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (13)

How amazing is this heart-shaped lake?

Dig out a heart shape with your river builder tool, then be sure to add plenty of custom paths that swirl around the area.

You can also add lots of flowers and shrubs around the pond.

Finally, place an iron bench by the lake to enjoy the weather. Maybe with a lover?

17picnic in the forest

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (14)

Keep your picnics in the woods cute as a postcard with this super cute design.

Using two tree trunks as seats, you can add a wooden table, making it a perfect spot for woodland tea parties.

Be sure to sprinkle in spare acorns as well. You can also let weeds grow, which is the easiest way to decorate.

Custom floor designs, or flowers and wood planks can also be added to take your farmhouse core vibes to the next level.

sixteen.submerged library

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (15)

This underwater library is making all my home dreams come true.

Place your house inside a bluff and create your own front yard space.

Add some custom rug designs and add a charming upstairs seating area with wood furniture and tree trunk benches. I'm also digging that umbrella stand.

You can also add lots of teapots and cakes, for any visitors that might come your way. Because who doesn't love snacks, right?

At the top of the cliff you can add lots of bookshelves to create the best library vibes. You can also display some art in the area.

Use your own custom artwork or use some of the fakes you've bought from Redd in the past.

15.ancient island

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (16)

This multi-tiered cliff design looks likeabsolutely incredible.

If you love antiquing, definitely add this to your island.

Simply add a wooden table and chair to the central soil mass you dug up. It's a perfect place to create a reading area or maybe even a small painting space.

Fill the edges of the cliffs with a variety of old and wooden items, as well as a variety of plants.

You can light up the area with some mushroom bulbs and it will look fantastic at night!

14Dirty clothes

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (17)

Have you ever thought about how those villagers without a washing machine clean their clothes?

Well, why not create this vintage laundry room for them?

All you need are a lot of old clotheslines and tanks.

Place them by the pond and add barrels and patches of hay to the look as well.

You can also add a clay oven and some bamboo trees to match the theme.

Finally, you can add a custom floor layout to create the wooden planks that lead to the lake.

13market core

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (18)

This market was what cottagecore was supposed to be.

You can create your own market like this by adding custom stalls with your old world designs.

If you don't have any skins you can use, talk to Sable a lot. Over time, he'll get closer to you and give you additional designs.

You can fill your tents with the products that the children want. But be sure to line your paths with picket fences to keep the theme alive.

Finish off by adding the tree reward arch and a custom market sign.

It will soon be the busiest market on the island!

12outdoor office

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (19)

The custom flooring here really takes this design to the next level.

Choose your favorite brick flooring design and lay the foundation for your office area.

Take a fireplace and turn it around to create the perfect table. You can also add stacks of books and scattered papers to really set the scene.

Take some simple panels and customize them with designs made to look like file drawers for that creative look.

And don't forget to put up a plant or two, because let's face it: everyone needs a plant in the office!

11Central side

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (20)

How cute is this small town area?

You can do this by filling the area around your house with trees, shrubs, and flowers. The classic cabin shape.

Decorate the area with some mush lamps to light up this cute villager area at night.

And use wood gradients to really match the theme. You can also place more things this way.

You can even add little details like those awesome crowns that you can give to the villagers.

10picnics in the camp

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (21)

Make your island the best place to camp this season with this beautiful rural space.

Start by creating a custom camp sign to let your villagers know what this area is all about.

Add a custom design to create your blanket, and place a variety of items on top, such as books, picnic supplies, or even a ukulele.

You can add various mushroom items to match the woodland theme, along with a clothesline. That way your campers have a place to hang their clothes!

Most importantly, don't forget the campfire and marshmallow sticks. Can you smell the s'mores?

9.yellow flower path

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (22)

Follow the path of the yellow flowers!

How perfect is this area of ​​the bridge? Traverse through rural paradise with this cute design idea.

You'll need custom designs for the stone floors to create this super cute setup, then add a stone bridge and watch this look come to life before your eyes.

Don't forget to add plenty of fruit trees and also some mixed evergreens.

You can also add scattered wooden fences, in no particular order.

8.Gardens and Orchards

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (23)

These small gardens are the best way to quickly create hybrid flowers.

Planting flowers in 3x3 grids, leaving spaces between each flower, gives you the best chance of growing your own rare and colorful flowers.

And keep them inside these lovely wood-fenced garden areas to keep them from being trampled.

You can also achieve the look of an orchard by lining up your fruit trees and placing paths between each row.

Sign your gardens and orchard areas for the best cherry on top.

7.core of the campsite

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (24)

This camp might be the best cottagecore yet. I've gotalla camper could need, from a roaring fire to a cozy dining area.

To create your own amazing campsite among the cliffs, start by adding your favorite trail layouts.

Then add a blanket design and lots of wooden furniture.

Of course, you can't forget to add the campfire. These log benches really complete the space.

Finish by adding lots of flowers and using tiki torches to light your pathways.

6.Able Cottagecore Sisters

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (25)

Turn your competent sisters into a country retreat with this front yard idea.

You can create this by separating an area around your store using a wooden fence and laying down a wooden floor.

Be sure to add a table and some chairs so your villagers can relax outside. After all, shopping for clothes is hard work!

You can also add a laundry area near your store. Fits the theme, right?

I'm sure Mabel and SableWill be delightedwith the new store entrance!

5.hiking route

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (26)

What better way to get a good look at your island than with a walk along the cliff edges?

You can decorate these paths as you like:

You can start by adding various custom floor designs such as log slices and flowers. Or make it a bit dirtier with dirt roads.

Be sure to add lots of flowers to decorate the borders and also some wooden fencing.

And it wouldn't be complete without plenty of evergreens to give it that woodland feel.

4.Cottagecore Forest Bridge

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (27)

Create this ultimate wooded bridge area - the perfect addition to your farmhouse center island.

All you have to do is show off your terraforming skills by building a series of cliffs and waterfalls around your bridge.

Have your waterfalls run down to the river that flows through your island, then you can add a wooden bridge to join the central focal point.

Certify yourself to plantquiteof cedars and broadleaf trees along with some shrubs as well.

You can also add some custom paths and various barrels to complete the area.

And finally, don't forget to add some vintage streetlights to light the way on a dark night.

3.forest restaurant

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (28)

Check out this dinner idea set deep in the woods.

weatherall you needto enjoy a light meal in the middle of a walk.

See how to do it:

Start with an area of ​​your island filled with trees.

Accommodate a variety of items like coffee machines and fire ovens for any hikers who might stop for refreshments.

Don't forget to create a small seating area right next to it too, and maybe a small sink and cutting board. And of course a wooden sign so everyone knows where the food is.

2.pumpkin patch

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (29)

Bring some homey vibes to your backyard with this cool design.

Create the ultimate pumpkin patch and bring fall vibes to any villager's front yard (anyone else love this coffee table area?)

Just lay out some custom wood plank designs and also a path that leads right to your front door.

Add some wooden furniture outside andlarge amountPumpkin items!

Finish off by adding a fireplace and a stack of books to tie the whole look together. Then mix in some vintage farmhouse items wherever you like.

1.cabin entrance

30 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas: The Ultimate List - FandomSpot (30)

This is a perfect ticket to your island, guaranteed to impress any visitor who steps on the plane.

And if you want a complete cabana island, what better way to start than with your entry area?

I love that custom stone path that leads into the depths of the island, and there's even an adorable custom plaque.

You will have to put some wooden fences to guide you to your island; so if you try this make sure you plant lots of trees too.

Maybe even add a few related items, like a clothesline or old mailbox. Just in case.


What are cottagecore items ACNH? ›

Cottagecore Furniture
  • Autograph Cards.
  • Bingo Wheel.
  • Book (Encyclopedia)
  • Broom And Dustpan (Dark brown)
  • Candle (Copper)
  • Cello (Natural)
  • Champion's Pennant (Red)
  • Cuckoo Clock (Green)

What are the different types of cores in Animal Crossing? ›

Cottagecore, forestcore, trashcore, kidcore, citycore & more themed islands ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

What are some Cottagecore animals? ›

Cottagecore villagers
  • Bea.
  • Beau.
  • Bones.
  • Erik.
  • Fang.
  • Fauna.
  • Goldie.
  • Lily.

What is the rarest ACNH item? ›

The rarest and most expensive item in the game is the Royal Crown. Purchasable from the Able Sisters shop, the Royal Crown costs 1,200,000 bells. Not to be confused with the smaller Crown which costs a million bells, the Royal Crown is the ultimate bourgeois flex in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons world.

What is a hot item in ACNH? ›

The Hot Item will always be something you can craft using a DIY recipe, so there's a chance it will be something that you don't know how to make yet. The sign outside Nook's Cranny will tell you what the current Hot Item is.

What is cottagecore style? ›

What Is Cottagecore? “Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside.” Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside. It encourages a lifestyle rooted in traditional skills—like baking bread, gardening, and sewing your own clothes.

How do you get 40 spaces in ACNH? ›

It's called Ultimate Pocket Stuffing and will cost you 8,000 Nook Miles. Once you've purchased this upgrade, your inventory will expand to 40 slots, allowing you to gather even more items than before.

What are the 6 eggs in ACNH? ›

How to Find the Six Egg Types
  • Leaf Egg.
  • Wood Egg.
  • Sky Egg.
  • Earth Egg.
  • tone Egg.
  • Water Egg.
Jul 10, 2022

What are the 6 crops in ACNH? ›

Crops and produce for food and drink
  • Carrots.
  • Potatoes.
  • Sugarcane.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Wheat.
Nov 5, 2021

What is opposite of cottagecore? ›

The opposite of Cottagecore, for example, would be hardcore. Cottagecore is a laid-back, more “unplugged” way of living that draws upon the countryside and old English gardens.

What is the dark version of cottagecore? ›

Cottagegore (also known as Goth Cottagecore or Dark Cottagecore) is similar to Cottagecore, in the sense it has a strong focus on country life, baking, and vintage items, but contrary to its name, it instead includes darker aspects of nature (including rotten mushroom or plant aesthetics, forest cryptids, spirits or ...

What does cottagecore smell like? ›

Smells like: an organic bouquet of white flowers, softened with the earthiness of wood and musk—a more subtle take on cottagecore's woodsy nature.

What makes an island attractive? ›

In other words, the warmth that you feel is real. Soothing Seaside Scenery Of course, people are only part of what make islands so magical—there's also the endlessly appealing, wonderfully calming natural beauty distinctive to places surrounded by water.

How do I bring KK to my island? ›

Remember to ask Isabelle in Residential Services to evaluate the island, and take note of what needs to improve the most. Once players ask her for the evaluation and are given at least a 3-star island rating, K.K. Slider will come to the island that day and perform the New Horizons song for his first concert.

What is the rarest gyroid? ›

Lastly, the most elusive gyroid in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also the best. The brewstoid, true to its name, is modeled after fan-favorite Animal Crossing character Brewster and, much like the pigeon in question, makes a unique cooing noise when activated.

What is the rarest ACNH fruit? ›

1 Coconuts

It only makes sense that New Horizons would feature coconuts and plenty of them, but coconuts are actually the only fruit players cannot naturally grow on their island.

Is Lucky rare ACNH? ›

Lucky – The Rarest Dog (#6)

He is in a full-body cast after an unfortunate fishing accident, the horrific details of which have never been revealed. Players have speculated over if Lucky is very injured or slightly un-dead. It's this kind of unique story that makes Lucky one of the rarest Animal Crossing villagers.

What happens if you tell Brewster The coffee is too hot ACNH? ›

When given a coffee, if the player replies with "It's gotta cool," they will then have the option to say "It's too hot." The player can continue to say this, but Brewster will always say the same thing. The perfect temperature of coffee he suggests in New Leaf can change.

Can you swear in ACNH? ›

New Horizons allows people to use curse words for villager catchphrases, since they're fully customizable, and the game, unlike New Leaf, has no built in filter. It's not the fault of the game, since the single player content is appropriate for all ages.

What can hurt you ACNH? ›

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can get injured by wasps, scorpions, or tarantulas like in past games. While tarantulas and scorpions will knock you out, a wasp will leave a welt. If you happen to get stung, you can visit the Residental tent and purchase medicine.

What is Grandmacore? ›

Grandmacore. Grandmacore refers to an aesthetic that is based around cottage and stereotypical grandma related things ie. gardening, soft knitted fabric, crocheting, farmland animals, fresh baked bread, etc.

Is Dark cottagecore a thing? ›

Dark cottagecore, also known as goth cottagecore or cottagegore, stems from the aesthetic and lifestyle of the well-known cottagecore movement. Cottagecore is rooted in the idea of simple farm or rustic living and has the lifestyle to match.

What time period is cottagecore? ›

Cottagecore is an internet aesthetic popularised by adolescents and young adults celebrating an idealized rural life. Traditionally based on a rural English and European life, it was developed throughout the 2010s and was first named cottagecore on Tumblr in 2018.

How do you beautify your island ACNH? ›

One of the best things you can do to improve the overall look and feel of your island is to plant a ton of flowers. Like, hundreds of them. Go crazy. Flowers add color and character to your island, helping to break the monotonous look of simple grass fields.

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