Black cat in a dream - meaning and symbolism (2023)

The cat is mostly known as a rude, selfish and indifferent animal with an unforgiving coldness.

We can say with certainty, traitor, in short. And do you often know what one associates with cats? This animal has always been associated with the female figure. Have you ever dreamed about black cats?

In popular belief, the black cat is associated with evil and considered a "bringer of bad luck," but this is not always the case. Very often you want to draw attention to the body and its needs.

To dream of more black cats means that this need will multiply and the presence of many cats will only increase this condition.

It also connects to the apostate parts of your personality, to the lack of rules around physical pleasure and sexual impulses. In any case, a black cat shows everything extreme and far from what others consider acceptable.

If you dream of little cats, it means that you have a fatherly bond with the little ones in the family, while if you dream of them dead or injured, you can interpret it as a moment of affective loneliness.

Do you suffer out of love because someone has denied you their presence?

If you dream about newborn black kittens, it means that you are a shy person and you need to let your instincts run wild. If you dream of fighting black cats, it is a sign of an inner conflict or someone close to you. If you are dreaming about being attacked by one of them, chances are that a woman you know harbors anger towards you.

The symbolism of the black cat associated with evil is so ingrained in general thinking that very often other interpretations are not sought.

Black cat - symbolism

For everyone, the black cat reflects a bad mood, fear, change or sadness. In short, the black cat brings nothing exciting on the horizon. The Egyptians considered these cats sacred. A superstition always associated with black cats is the situation where the black cat crosses your path.

The spiritual meaning of a black cat crossing your path is usually negative and is the rule that holds true in almost all cultures.

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Black cat in a dream - meaning and symbolism (1)

The cat in dreams is a symbol that can have different meanings, both positive and negative. In fact, this animal is quite elusive and mysterious: wary, cunning, ironic, it looks at everything with the detachment of someone who knows it's enough for them.

However, it is not a selfish animal, since it can also give a lot of affection, but only to those who want it and if they choose.

He is curious, playful, sometimes funny; but certainly agile, slender, elegant, lovers of pleasure, comfort and cleanliness. The cat is a philosopher's animal: it seems to have understood everything about life and knows how to enjoy it.

If you are dreaming about your house cat, it likely represents you or someone you are very attached to (e.g. a child). If you dream about losing your cat and not finding it, it indicates your need for freedom and independence. If you are dreaming about your dead cat, surely the dream will be one of comfort and consolation.

Cats were worshiped as sacred animals in ancient Egypt (cult of the goddess Bastet), while since the Middle Ages they were persecuted as satanic animals, witch-friends and as such, especially black people.

The superstition that black cats bring bad luck is still widespread today.

If you dream about a cat, the correct interpretation also depends on whether you are a cat lover or not. If you're not, that animal of your dreams is likely serving a negative function.

Meaning of the cat in dreams.

The black cat in dreams can also usually represent this:

Femininity:A mysterious and elegant animal, the cat was associated with the cult of female deities in ancient times. In dreams, it can represent the concept you have of femininity in general, or a very specific woman.

According to the Freudian interpretation, the cat in the dream can represent female sexuality, which is felt to be dangerous and castrating for men.

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sensuality, seduction: The cat is an animal with sweeping movements, sensitive, it loves contact, it likes to be petted and it makes you understood by purring. In dreams it can only represent sexual energy.

independence, power: The cat is a self-sufficient animal, it loves to be alone and always chooses completely autonomously.

Intuition, creativity, mystery.: Due to the fact that it sees in the dark and loves the night, the cat is considered an animal in contact with the world of the unconscious and with the most mysterious forces and nature.

To dream of a cat can be an invitation to listen to your instinctive and intuitive part.

This can happen to women in particular; Indeed, in modern society, women often have to sacrifice their feminine instincts in order to adapt to a world conceived as masculine and ruled by rationality; The cat appears in her dreams, especially at certain stages of life, such as pregnancy, to remind her of the need to instinctively reconnect with her own deep femininity.

Malice, fraud, fraud, fiction.: The cat is often seen as a cunning and mischievous animal, capable of disguise and outwitting; as such it appears in many fairy tales (such as the one in which one pretended to be dead in order to catch the rats more easily).

dream about your cat

If you are dreaming about your house cat, it likely represents you or someone you are very attached to (e.g. a child).

If you dream about losing your cat and not finding it, it indicates your need for freedom and independence. If you are dreaming about your dead cat, surely the dream will be one of comfort and consolation.

The meaning of the black cat at your door is also negative, as is the meaning of seeing the black cat at night.

Black cat in dreams could be associated with your need for independence and rebellion against impositions that are to be stifled.

Or the color black could emphasize the connection to the mysterious and unconscious and thus be an invitation to open yourself to this dimension, to trust yourself more than your instincts.

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White cat: innocence, purity, tenderness, novelty. Maybe something new is happening in your life and you're feeling a little helpless. -> white color

gray cat: Gray is a neutral color that generally represents distance and attenuation. A gray or tiger cat, on the other hand, is auspicious because it usually conveys wisdom and calm.

Red Cat: The color red can emphasize the sensuality that this animal expresses in the dream, or it can represent its desire for freedom and autonomy.

dream of many cats

If you dream about a lot of cats or dream about them often, you probably need to strengthen your independence and self-confidence. It can also indicate a sudden "awakening" of your instincts.

Continuing to dream of cats and being afraid can indicate an unclear relationship to the female sex or to your femininity.

Dreams about cats and kittens

Pregnant women often dream of kittens and other baby animals: they are images of the child about to be born and the tenderness that the mother feels for the unborn child.

Otherwise, it may indicate your desire for tenderness, play and carelessness.

If you dream of a pregnant cat, giving birth to kittens or breastfeeding them, it means that your instinctive part is giving birth to something new.

dream of a beautiful cat

Dreaming of a pretty cat, dreaming of a pretty cat, sweet, well-behaved, affectionate, purring, licking you, wanting to cuddle is always a good sign; indicates that you have a good relationship with women and femininity and with your intuitive part.

Dreaming about an aggressive cat

If the cat bites, claws, aggressively, or hisses, it may be an image of aggressive, gluttonous, selfish (or perceived as such) femininity: being afraid of a cat jumping at you in anger may indicate that it is a Aspect gives femininity. This scares you, or maybe you didn't have easy relationships with the female sex.

Dreaming about a stray cat

To dream of a feral cat attacking you madly or almost madly or obsessively can also be a means of realizing that you really need to listen to your instinctive side because you have neglected it too much.

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Injured, sick, or dreaming of an injured or abused cat may indicate that you are going through a period of inner troubles: injuries, disappointments, negative moods can cause the cat to appear in poor physical condition; for example: a stray cat, without hair, with fleas and ticks, lice, etc.

It can also indicate a period of weakness (physical, moral, spiritual...), loss of autonomy and lack of creativity.

If in your dream you see a cat being tortured, poisoned, mutilated (without a tail, without legs), hanged or drowned, it indicates that you need more freedom, you feel ashamed and depressed.

You need a cat that meows, that cries, that talks and wants to get your attention: maybe it's an invitation to listen to what your intuition has been trying to tell you for a long time; let that “voice” speak to you more.

Dream about a cat talking to you

The cat speaking in a human voice is certainly conveying an important message; even if you don't understand the meaning, you will understand it in the future

dream about killing a cat

It may indicate that you dislike your feminine side or female sexuality because it scares you and makes you feel threatened.

If you dream of a dead cat, it can indicate that you feel restricted and oppressed, you need autonomy and independence.

The same applies if the cat was killed, killed or fell from the balcony.

Dream about a big cat

Big, huge, huge cat, represents the sudden intrusion of your instincts.

However, it can also be a good omen if the cat catches prey after fighting over it with other animals (with other cats, with a dog, etc.).

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