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Welcome to the official online visa website for owned, operated and manufactured by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Laos (hereinafter referred to as "MOFA") and its designated partners. Applicants and users are urged to read the following terms and conditions. Use of this website and the services provided herein is subject to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Users who do not accept these Terms and Conditions cannot and must not access or use the eVisa Website or Services.


I. Applicants understand that any false or misleading information provided may result in permanent denial of an e-Visa, denial of entry into PDR Laos or criminal prosecution. Applicants should understand that possession of an e-Visa does not automatically give the holder the right to enter PDR Laos upon arrival at a port of entry if found to be inadmissible for reasons including but not limited to:

路 Evidence of insufficient funds to cover expenses while in Laos.

路 Prosecution of crimes in PDR Laos or elsewhere.


路 Prior deportation from Lao People's Democratic Republic or elsewhere.

路 Participating in or soliciting prostitution in the Laos People's Democratic Republic.

路 Drug trafficking.

路 Drug use.

路 Terrorist activities.

II. Applicants are also reminded that the eVisa service fee is non-refundable whether their application is cancelled, denied or approved.


3. The eVisa processing time is 03 business days from the date of receiving the complete application and full eVisa fee, provided that all information provided by the applicant meets the criteria and is accepted by the Laos government authorities, otherwise the processing time could be longer. (Please note that if you apply in the morning session, your application will be processed the same day. If you apply in the afternoon session, your application will be processed the next day Laos local time (GMT+ 7)).

IV. Applicants should be reminded that only an ordinary passport is applicable for e-Visa application (temporary passport, emergency passport, special passport and other types of passports are not applicable). Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Laos. The passport must have at least 1 blank page for the entry permit label and for the stamp of the immigration officer and enough space for your return journey to your country.

V. All visitors entering PDR Laos with an approved Laos e-Visa must present the same passport that was used for the Laos e-Visa application and declared at the first checkpoint or the last checkpoint of the immigration control process . Failure to comply may result in entry permit being denied.

SEEN. Currently, eVisa is only available for Tourist Visa (T-B3), eVisa Residence Permit is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in PDR Laos. Applicants should be informed that eVisa validity is 60 days after receiving the eVisa approval letter.

VIII. The applicant should note that the eVisa application is valid for 30 days after receiving the email from the consular section asking the applicant to change the information and submit it again. If you do not update the information on the application form within 30 days, your application may be canceled and the eVisa fee is non-refundable.

VIII. eVisa is valid entry via the following designated ports (Watay International Airport, Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I, Luang Prabang International Airport, Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II, Pakse International Airport, Lao-Thai Friendship IV and Boten International Checkpoint)

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IX. Approved applicants are required to bring the eVisa Approval Letter with them when traveling to PDR Laos and present paper copies of the eVisa Approval Letter to the Immigration Officer at the ports of arrival.

X. The information prepared and performed in the English language and if translated into a language other than English for any purpose, the English version shall in all cases prevail and be of paramount importance in the event of any controversy, question or dispute as to meaning, form, validity or interpretation. from this website. website is available in English and Chinese to support multiple languages 鈥嬧媐or better understanding of eVisa application procedures. However, all information provided by each applicant must be provided in English, including but not limited to applicant information, inquiries, etc. Failure to provide information in English may delay the approval process or result in rejection.

XII. Applicants must obey the laws of PDR Laos and not interfere in the internal affairs of PDR Laos. Applicants must not engage in any other type of paid or unpaid work during their stay.

XIII. Legal action will be taken against those violating or violating any provision of the existing laws, rules and regulations of PDR Laos.

XIV. All content and information published on "' is owned by MOFA and its designated partners. Download, play or broadcast content on "', except for individual, non-commercial use, is strictly prohibited. All rights are reserved by MOFA and its named partners.


XV. Applicants agree not to use any device, software or other instrument to interfere or attempt to interfere with the Lao eVisa system and will not take or attempt to take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large amount burden on the technical infrastructure of eVisa. In addition, applicants will not use any property, website and its content without the prior and express consent of an authorized

XVI Applicants agree to access and interact with your own risk. Neither MOFA nor its named partners purport to make any guarantees as to the availability or accuracy in relation to the accuracy or adequacy of the information displayed Please also note that the personal information displayed on this website is provided voluntarily by our stores and collects traffic data and user behavior on this website. We also store the user's IP number, location data, weblog and other relevant information that may appear in your Laos eVisa application.

XVIII. In the event that any of the terms and conditions contained herein are found by a court to be unlawful, void or otherwise unenforceable, the relevant provision will be removed from these terms and conditions. All other non-separated terms and conditions and provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

XVIII. It is the responsibility of recipients of emails from MOFA and its designated partners to verify that emails and attachments are virus-free. The MOFA and its named partners accept no responsibility for damage caused by viruses transmitted via e-mail.

XIX. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, applicants confirm that they have read and understand all of the terms and conditions set out by eVisa and that any data or information provided on this form is correct to the best of the applicant's knowledge.

xx. Lao eVisa reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, although eVisa will endeavor to publicize any changes made. eVisa applicants consent to this by accessing agree to be bound by the most current version of the Terms of Service. It is the applicants primary responsibility to check the Terms and Conditions for changes from time to time.

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