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In this Wellnite review, we look at one of the fastest growing providers of online counseling and teletherapy. Wellnite offers a variety of subscription packages to help patients navigateAnguish,Depression, grief, stress, and other mental health issues with a combination of psychotherapy and prescription medication.

One of the most accessible therapy sites for US clients, Wellnite is a great way to combine therapy and medication. Prices are competitive even without insurance - you can compare it with oursList of therapy centers that underwrite insuranceand see for yourself.

Our Wellnite review will examine exactly what they do and how they do it, including the conditions they treat, the techniques they offer, and the professional standards of the therapists they employ. We will also look at prices and fees.

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Wellnite Ranking Division 2023

general evaluation

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Overall rating - 3.5 stars

Wellnite originally specialized in treating anxiety and depression, but now offers help with eating disorders, family issues, grief and many other issues. Wellnite is good at what it does and can provide a good balance of care and medication, but we don't think any of its subscription packages offer the perfect balance of services.


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Price - 4.5 stars

Wellnite offers 3 different subscription packages depending on the level of support you need. Medical Coverage + Therapy is $195 per month, Medical Coverage Package is $75 per month and Therapy Package is $355 per month. Every package is different, and it's worth considering the differences between them, as well as the pros and cons of each before deciding which one is right for you.

treatment options

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Treatment options - 4 stars

Having expanded far beyond its original area of ​​expertise (anxiety and depression), Wellntite now offers treatment options for sleep disorders, ADHD, anger management, substance abuse, intimacy and eating disorders, and many other conditions. They can prescribe medications and offer therapy sessions for individuals, couples, families or groups.

apps and software

App and Software - 3 stars

The Wellnite website is relatively modern, although it took a while to load and crashed a few times. The layout isn't the most logical we've seen, but it's still easy to navigate. Wellnite also offers e-chat support sessions through its website, but currently does not have an app.

Customer service

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Customer Service - 4 stars

The Wellnite customer service team seems to be highly respected by users of their services. 78% of surveyed users rated it very good. When researching this post, we opened a query ticket, which was answered within hours.

security and privacy

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Security and privacy - 4 stars

All Wellnite employees are highly qualified medical professionals. Users are also required to fully verify their identity before using the service, making it completely secure for all parties. In terms of privacy, users may not be treated anonymously and information may be shared with insurers. However, all therapists are HIPAA compliant and privacy settings can be adjusted.

Should I use Wellnite Health?

  • Some affordable packages available
  • Users can choose their own therapist
  • Offers same-day appointments
  • Medication management services available
  • 3 days free trial
  • Premium packages are too expensive
  • Medicines must be paid separately
  • No mobile app and slightly buggy website
  • Only works with very few insurance providers

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Is Wellnite legit? The company behind Wellnite.com

Wellnite was founded in 2019 by Elisa Swan in Berkley and has already developed a very loyal and satisfied customer base. Surveyed service users ranked it as one of the most respected online therapy platforms in the US, and customer retention is high.

Wellnite is fully HIPAA compliant and the qualifications and standards of all their healthcare professionals are very high - many of their therapists must have a relevant mental health degree, professional certification and 3,000 hours of real-world experience. Although Wellnite uses "listeners", they are mostly just used for chat support sessions.

Wellnite Health in numbers for 2023

Founded in2019
US-based companyE
Number of licensed therapistsover 60
Does insurance accept?Yes, but very few providers
HIPAA CompliantE
Therapiemoditext, audio and video
Available treatmentstherapy and medication
Average price$75 - $355 per month
login time

Same-day booking available (subject to verification)

reaction timeFast (usually just a few hours)
Customer Reviews78% positive
Our editorial review3.5 stars
current action3 days free trial

How Wellnite Therapy works

New patients must first select their desired subscription package and complete initial registration. This is followed by an account review and questionnaire that gathers background information about a new patient and their mental health issues. This is used to 'match' the patient with a potential therapist - therapist biographies can be viewed on the Wellnite website and patients are free to reject a recommended therapist and request another.

However, before the actual initiation of therapy, patients are invited for an initial consultation with a physician. Depending on a patient's individual and personal needs and their subscription package, medication can be prescribed and shipped to their doorstep. A follow-up treatment is also scheduled with your selected therapist (depending on the package) and chat support is available 7 days a week.

One small concern we have here is that a patient will select a package before meeting with the doctor - however, it may be more logical for the doctor to recommend a package based on the consultation.

Wellnite Price – How much does it cost?

medical supplies

$ 75 A month

  • 1 medical consultation per month

  • Mental health medicine wholesale prices

  • Chat support 7 days a week

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Medical care + therapy

$ 195 A month

  • 1 medical consultation per month

  • 2 video call sessions with a licensed therapist

  • Chat support 7 days a week

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therapy plan

$ 355 A month

  • 6 sessions via video call with a licensed therapist

  • No medication included

  • Chat support 7 days a week

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While Wellnite touts itself as an affordable mental health provider, it doesn't exactly come cheap, and when a patient receives a prescription medication, they must pay separately - albeit at a wholesale price. Many patients also find that 2 sessions per month with a therapist (as per the Medical Care + Therapy package) may not be enough, while the therapy package (6 sessions per month) may be too expensive.

Wellnite can be an inexpensive way to access medication, but there are more affordable online therapy providers for those who want to focus more on the therapeutic side of their treatment.

If you're interested in using Wellnite but haven't made up your mind yet, you can try the 3-day free trial as part ofWellnite Promotion.

Types of Wellnite treatment

With a large group of therapists and psychiatrists, Wellnite is now able to treat 17 different conditions including:

  • Depression
  • eating disorder
  • pain/loss
  • dealing with stress
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • expected
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder

OWellnite-Websitecontains a complete list of the conditions they treat. It's an impressive offering, although we fear they may be spreading too thin right now - after all, a jack of all trades is often not a master.

The various forms of treatment may involve a mix of medication (if appropriate) with therapy, CBT, and group therapy.

What our readers have to say about Wellnite

Wellnite is super responsive and very attentive. Would recommend!

Wellnite Review 2023 - Best Affordable Therapy Website? (2)


Accessing wholesale medication was really a game changer for me.

Wellnite Review 2023 - Best Affordable Therapy Website? (3)

Owen J.

No mobile app, this is kind of annoying...

Wellnite Review 2023 - Best Affordable Therapy Website? (4)


Wellnite Review - FAQ

What mental illnesses can Wellnite help with?

Wellnite can help patients with a wide range of mental health, personal and behavioral issues. There are Wellnite therapists with expertise in Depression, Eating Disorders, Anger Management, Career Issues, LGBTQ Issues, Grief/Loss, Stress Management, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, OCD and more. If you need help with something that isn't listed on the Wellnite website, you can still contact them to see if they can offer treatment.

Is Wellnite safe and legal?

Absolutely yes. All Wellnite employees are highly qualified healthcare professionals and the organization is fully HIPAA compliant.

How can I pay for Wellnite therapy?

To pay for a Wellnite subscription, you must pay in advance with your bank or credit card. Currently, it is not possible to pay for Wellnite with insurance, although they do work with a small number of select Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans.

Who are Wellnite Therapists?

Wellnite therapists are mostly handpicked, licensed and verified psychotherapists. Most of their therapists must have over 3,000 clinical experiences treating patients with a wide range of mental illnesses. Wellnite will only match you with a licensed therapist in your state. Medicines can also be prescribed by a fully qualified and licensed physician.

Can I subscribe to Wellnite through my health insurance?

While you currently cannot obtain a Wellnite subscription through health insurance, Wellnite does work with select Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Their stated goal is to make treatment affordable for people without insurance, so prices are very competitive regardless.

What if I don't like my therapist?

The dynamic between each patient and a therapist is unique. If you feel that your therapist is not right for you, Wellnoite will work with you to get you transferred to another one as soon as possible.

Wellnite Review - Final Thoughts

All in all, we believe Wellnite can be an effective way to access wholesale priced medications, prescriptions and medication management services.

However, we are not sure if this is not the case.quitefound the right balance between prescription and therapy, or just found its niche market. Any patient looking for a combination of drug treatment and therapy can consider using it.Thaliatryorbright side.

For patients who are primarily interested in therapy rather than drug services, there are certainly more suitable providers such aschat roomorbest help; two of the most established providers of online therapies.

Although Betterhelp cannot prescribe medication, it has a large group of therapists who specialize in a variety of different treatment techniques for various mental illnesses.

Additionally, both Talkspace and Betterhelp offer better value for money than Wellnite in terms of the number of therapy and support sessions included in their packages.

general evaluation71,0%

Updated May 3, 2022

general evaluation
treatment options
apps and software
Customer service
security and privacy

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